Winner on the CSS Design Awards
Winner on the CSS Design Awards
About Vince
“  Hi there!   This is Vincent Samuel. People in the Events industry call me Vince The Man! I have been in the industry since 1996. THE MAN, as people call me affectionately is not a nom de plume I chose. It was bestowed upon me by the who’s who of the industry. It was originated after my work started to speak for itself. You name the event; I have done it, across the country and abroad. I have been lucky to be a part of the astronomical growth the industry had in the recent past. Thanks to DNA entertainment networks for this great opportunity given to me.

Vince broke into the event management industry in the year 1996 and started contributing to the industry which is now amongst the fastest growing in the country. Vince did not just help grow the organization; he contributed to the development of the industry itself. Event management was a task which was done by the person who had to conduct the event; then came the professionals. Corporates and Organisations woke up to the fact; to professionally manage an event you need a professional in the field.

Starting as a maverick, While at DNA, Vince and his team created the awareness in the psyche of corporate India that creating successful events or concerts required professionals; it required technical know-how, organizational capabilities, public relations and an eye into details. In the past 21 years Vince has made his mark in different facets of Event Management; let it be music concerts, Sporting galas, corporate events or special events.

A successful event calls for a perfect synergy created between the event engineer and the whole team behind the event. The events success lies in the faultless synchronization of all the sub-functions, which includes conceptualizing, planning, designing, organizing, logistics and production implementation along with an eye for details. The event manager needs to have an eye for details to make sure the event goes as planned and it surmounts expectations.

The industry today has recognized his talent; thus he is affectionately called THE MAN, people know that whatever the kind of event they want, Vince is “THE MAN” to make it happen in levels surpassing their expectations. Take any event organized in the country that has made a mark and Vince has been in the helm of it, as the engineer of each perfectly executed event.